Making art is what makes me a person of this world. Within my self is an energy that wants to achieve conductivity and togetherness combining the relationships between people’s lives and the beautiful mysteries of objects. I choose to reveal the vast parts that make up the unity of the full exposures of craft through art. I believe in the process of making something from start to finish. I find that there are realizations in the exploration of an idea that provoke thoughts that would not have been grasped with out this practice. I understand what it feels like to be human. I make mistakes. Yet, instead of being misguided by this obstacle I feel I have reached something in which I am to learn from. This is where most of my stimulation is developed.

         I then take a step back to nature. I begin to contemplate what makes things significant to live by. Faith is a very important concept for me as an artist to understand. It is no longer a religious term. It is now more of a philosophy that I prefer to look at and admire. I believe that when a person can acknowledge the presence of love and hate, earth and sky, ebb and flow, or even pen to paper.  The mind and body are no longer separate. Our eyes can be adjusted to perceive things as they are in their entirety. I believe one must be completely honest with themselves, when you are an artist, in order to have belief in the possibilities of the wonderful creation process.